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Customizable audio solutions for business

Now even the smallest of businesses can now have their own music/messaging services, which are typically managed for them by a local content provider.  The content provider takes responsibility for producing the streams and messages, based on the customer’s requirements. A provider can program the radio to only receive the customer’s custom audio streams.  The provider can also schedule the radio to switch between audio streams, from relaxing morning audio to pulsing late-night club music. They can create individual “radio groups” that each have their own streaming schedules, and schedule volume levels and even power on/off times.  If you’re a business music service provider’s customer, you’re paying music royalty fees, turning off the radios on a custom schedule when a store is closed means you’re not paying to play music when no one is there to listen.

Manage the audio experience for any location

We all know background music is a critical element of the customer experience.  Whether you are a content provider or business owner you can provide a professional quality in-store experience. The Grace Digital Business Music System provides a comprehensive business music solution for anyone looking to improve a customer’s on-site experience. The Business Music System combines our Business Music Player with our easy to use Business Music Player Management Portal. Use the Grace Business Music Player to receive streaming audio to create the perfect atmosphere in every location. From up-tempo in the fitness room to candlelight music in a restaurant, everything is possible. The Management Portal is a powerful central internet based web site to manage, monitor and control large numbers of Business Music Players.