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Internet Radio

Grace Digital is happy to offer clients a wide range of audio equipment that functions as the bridge between their internet radio and home stereo systems. One of the great products that we offer is the Mondo, an electronic item that utilizes your current Wi-Fi in order to access the most contemporary, compelling online music services.

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Home Audio

All Grace Digital Home Audio products are designed using the most advanced home stereo technologies and manufactured with the highest level of quality so you can enjoy every facet and nuance of your music to the fullest. At the same time, each Grace Digital home audio offering is designed to make your listening experience easier, using convenient solutions to integrate all aspects of your music collection and and home stereo system in ways you never thought possible.
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Outdoor Audio

There’s nothing quite as fun and entertaining as listening to music outdoors. To make the most of this entertainment option, it’s important that you have continual access to the most excellent, efficient outdoor sound systems. At Grace Digital, we’re happy to offer customers a wide range of excellent sound systems and portable speakers. Our portable speakers are fun and stylish, featuring an IPX8 waterproof design and Bluetooth wireless connectivity.
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HD Radio

Sparc Radio has joined Grace Digital to provide our customers with all the advantages of HD Radio Technology anywhere you enjoy listening to your favorite radio stations. HD Radio digital broadcasts capture the best sound, and with SPARC products you can hear performances exactly as the artist intended them to be. Our line of HD Radio products provide great solutions for both in home use and on the go. Featuring AM and FM HD radio stations, LCD and TFT displays, Bluetooth connectivity, Alarm clock, and AC or battery powered options.
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Music for Business

Grace Digital recognizes the powerful impact that great music can have on optimizing your business operations, and that’s why we offer you great products like the GDI-SXBR1 Internet Radio. This product enables you to utilize a high-speed internet connection in order to play music directly from the internet in your office, restaurant and professional environments.
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Refurbished Products

Grace Digital offers high quality refurbished internet radios. Each of these items conforms to rigorous standards of quality, and we are pleased to offer them at cost-effective prices. When you shop with us, you’ll receive a 30-day money back guarantee as well as 33% off the standard price
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